Monday, April 7, 2008

early update

i will not begin this with an apology as i am actually early as you can tell by the post title. i said i would try to keep up atleast once a month and i am over a week early! lots of updates to do though.i will do the weeklys first. here is 32 weeks.

now i will start the other updates. a few weeks ago i watched my 2 nephews. my sister and i took them and our kids to the toy library and i was very impressed with it. fun was had by all and you should have seen the looks as we unloaded my truck fiting 5 carseats and took all 5 ranging from 7 months to 4years to eat at are some photos

next came easter-i think? we did take grayson to the portland mall to see the easter bunny. it was very comical. he sat on the easter bunny and proceeded to rip out his fur.graysons first easter was nice. auntie cassie and uncle bob got grayson his very first easter basket.we went to church and then went up to memeres?sp and papas for lunch. we had a great time and memere got him the cutest outfit.

then was our weekend away. we have been needing some family time alone as we are waiting for our house to be built. we decided to rent a hotel for the weekend. it had a indoor pool/hot tub&sauna. it was reaaly nice and grayson did great. he had tons of fun swimming as i figured he would since he absolutly loves his baths.

lastley lifes updates. we should signed off on our floor plans this week and finalize our loan-then they will break ground and begin building our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes i am a little excited=) grayson is doing great. he is everywhere. he has atleast 5 teeth. maybe more but i will not check as he now bites me:0 he is now pulling up and trying to walk. i taught him to shake hands this week and he does it the right way-it is pretty funny.he is also eating dinner with us now. i still make him eat baby food as he needs the nutriants but he loves eating big boy food with mommy and daddy. we did end up at the doctors today. grayson had been pulling on his ears for about a week. i did not take hime since he really was not fussing about it. finally i decided to atleast bring him in and he has a double ear infection. you would never know it as he is still such a happy little guy. lastly are some cute misc. picts.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

where to begin?

as you can see by the title post it has been a while as usual:)things are slowly coming together. we recently purchased one and a half acres in buckfield and are in the process of having our house plans finalized. we are very excited and looking forward to seeing our house built.things are slowing down and we are starting to enjoy some much needed time with family. grayson is growing as always. we have had the video camera out alot lately as he decided to grow up all at once. he now has three teeth, he can sit by himself for quite a while, he can now crawl and also sayes mom-mom all the time. we are working on saying daddy:) he is the most loving child i have ever met. he gives me hundreds of hugs and kisses each day. he must know mommy needs much as i enjoy being home with family, i miss my alone time with john and grayson and also miss the pikes and the girls so very much. i know i do not mention them much as it is still very painful for me. it has not been easy and i am sure it will always be hard just as it was when i missed my family in maine. i have plenty of weeklys to update and lots of cute picts. i hope everyone has a happy easter.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

watch out-i bite:)

well-where to begin. these past two weeks have been challenging to say the least. grayson ended up catching everything. as bad as it is was God had a neat way of taking care of us. i always enjoy seeing how God works-usually in ways we would have never have guessed.i finally took him to the doc mon after alot of consideration(our insurance is not yet active)and he had brochillitis?sp. we had to pay for the visit but God helped us out. the med(albutoral) he needed for his breathing treatments were the same as my sister had. she also had an extra breathing friday he was just getting worst so i took him back. they had originally thought he had viral bronciolitis but it turned out it was bacterial.he also had a double ear infection with swollen tonsils and very pusy throat. they ended up wanting to put him in the hos to keep a close eye on things. i talked them into letting me take him home and see if i could get him hydrated. they immediately gave him an antibiotic(zithromax)and also wanted him on a steriod for his lungs which i would give with his breathing treatments plus the albutoral. he now is getting breathing treatments every 2-3 hours.the steriod costs around $200. my sisters kids have that as well, but they get a stronger dose, but for some reason(God) the last perscription they wrote her was the same dose grayson needed. a dose the girls had never been on. that was really neat but is does not stop there. on monday i knew graysons left ear was not better. i did not really want to take him back as we now have $300 worth of visits. my sister had to have her kids seen so i decided to go with her and hope the girl who saw grayson might be there and take a peek at him. when we got there she was there, but on the well side so she was not seeing any sick patients. we went in and jonathan was going to see stacys kids. we were waiting and in walked margo. i was sooooo surprised. she said she just had 2 cancelations and decided to come and see if they needed help. what an awesome blessing. she checked grasyon(without charging me anything) and ended up puting him on yet another med. we are now waiting to see. i just had to share all the little blessings(some might say luck, but i know better.) in the middle of my stressful week. anyways we are haning in there.oh yeah in the middle of all this he got both his bottom front teeth. he is such a champ. here are his weeklys.

lastly is a few picts. graysons older cousin who he adores loves to play with lincoln logs.boy was grayson excited when he got his hands on them

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

where has time gone?

yes my baby is growing up. sunday he turned six months old:( i knew time would fly and i cherished every second i had with him-sometimes i wish time would stand still. he is soooooooo much fun now. he is the sweetest baby, always smiling and making me laugh. i thank God everyday that God allowed me to be graysons mommy. he now knows come and every time i walk by him he flashes me this big smile and holds out his hands. i fall for it everytime:) we seem to be moving in the right direction with the house. we are going to look at a piece of land on saturday that we are VERY interested in. hopefully all will go well and we will be able to make an offer on it-please keep our housing in your prayers. to those who we have not seen in a while-sorry things are just very busy right now. it has all been such a whirl wind. please be understanding with us right now. when john is not working we are looking at land/houses. we miss you all and will visit asap-promise! now on to the best part. first graysons weeklys-then some slideshows.
25 weeks

26 weeks

now 2 slideshows.the first is of the day my baby turned six months old

the last one is of kelsey and kaylees third birthday was at jokers and boy did grayson have a blast!

we miss everyone & hope to see you all soon!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

long time no blog

hey there! i know it has been quite a while since i last posted. things have been extremely busy. john started his job last week. he really enjoys it. it is taking sometime for us to get used to him being gone. both grayson and i really miss him. we have gotten into a routine though. my sister stacy and her girls and grayson and i go to the gym every morning around 9. it is great as i was worried the gym would be something of the past once we moved here. it gets us out and i really enjoy it-plus they have daycare right there. next step is finding a house. please keep that in your prayers as we are hoping to find one asap. i probably will not post every week, but hope to keep up atleast every other week.:( her are grayson's 23 & 24 week photos

last saturday john kept grayson for the day and my sisters and toya and jordan went to the outlets in nh. we had a great time. i found grayson such cute clothes.i will close with a funny story. first you will need to be filled in so you will understand the story. john has this really big bright red coca-cola water jug. all kids love it. it started with the girls. both chrissy and haley loved this jug. john was constantly taking it from them as he would get irritated that they would drink all his water(and droll in it :). then we moved home and the twins have the same fasination with the jug. it is not that they all lover water that much- its the cool jug. now on to the story. john had left "his" jug by the sofa from the night before. i set grayson in the middle of the living room and went to get some things done. he was being very quite after a while so i went to check on him. i could not believe what i saw. grayson had rolled all the way over to daddys jug, knocked it on its side and was sucking out of the straw. it was the cutest thing. i was very impressed that at 5 months he figured out how to get over there and get the straw in his mouth. i ran to get my camera and snapped some pictures as i knew no one would believe me. here they are

some cute hanging out photos